Lately, I’ve taken to watching films before going to sleep most nights. Working two jobs (technically) is fun, but leaves me exhausted and my mind racing. So I escape through films, thanks to Netflix. Last night, I saw “Mixed Doubles,” a bollywood film from 2006 that deals with swinging couples. That’s right, you read it correctly. India is changing after all. As much as I enjoy Karan Johar’ish fancy shmancy escapist films starring hot bollywood heroes, I do like movies that depict real life every now and then.

In the film, the main characters, Sunil and Malti, have been married for ten years, have a child and live a somewhat normal middle class life in Mumbai. They have a two job income, nice apartment, good friends, a washing machine and a car. All seems well on the surface, but the spark is gone between the two. The guy gets restless and upon a suggestion of a NRI friend, decides to explore swinging. He manipulates his wife into agreeing with him, and the two make an appointment to meet another swinging couple. What happens next is something you will have to see for yourself, but the movie, despite its realistic approach and skilled directing, left me feeling odd. The concept maybe fine with some, but I can never accept it. I recently read an article on Slate about Russian women in Moscow somehow accepting (and expecting) their husbands to cheat. When I shared it with a friend who left her unfaithful husband after nineteen years, she said, “this is nothing new – just people enjoy reading it written differently.” Sadly, what she said is true. Granted, in the movie, the couples all consent to taking part in the swinging, but it’s still strange for me to stomach it. Marriage is sacred and if people cannot honor it, then they should never get into it.  

Perhaps I am too idealistic, but for now, I am happy that the only thing keeping me up at night are my projects, and not having to deal with someone with mixed feelings. Hey, it’s all about perspective, right? :)