The hard part about making new year’s resolutions is actually remembering what they are by the time Valentine’s day comes around. They seem noble and doable at the time of preparation of the much thought out list, but reality kicks in and the list gets lost among last season’s shopping bills. Last year, I didn’t make any. I was too tired from a (crazy) busy 2009 and a trip to India, not to mention a bad breakup I had to deal with soon after. But, I recovered and thrived. Without any clear goals in sight, I set some things in motion that eventually led me to getting published and growing up as an individual and as a writer in the months that followed. I can’t say I didn’t envision this life change before (after all I did manifest everything that happened in 2010), but I didn’t set out to accomplishing all these “big” things by the end of the year, and thus risk not following through and getting disappointed. So, this year, instead of aiming super high, I’ve come up with a few simple changes to make that I am pretty sure are achievable (well, assuming the Sun continues to show up). Maybe sometimes all it takes for a major change is a small step.

1) Buy more plants for my office space. I am a bad excuse for a nature lover ’cause I managed to kill a bamboo plant on my desk this year. Reasons are still undetermined, but I am determined to change my work environment by adding some green. Perhaps it will make me love my legal job even more… hmmm.

2) Take my dog to the park more often. The poor thing only interacts with friends who come to our house and those she meets on our walks. I must have taken her to play twice in the past two years. I am ashamed. I need to start being a good mommy.

3) Get back to yoga (and lose up to 5lbs hopefully by summer). Friends, I need your help with this!

4) Do a voluntour. Thanks to my fabulous Fordham young alumni group, we will be traveling to Diné Navajo for an immersion/service trip in March. It will a dream come true for me to visit the American Southwest. I simply cannot wait!

5) Eat more greens and take proper supplements. For a vegetarian, I consume waay less veggies than I should. So, broccoli, how you doing?

6) Be the best bridesmaid I can be for my dear friend Abby. This one should be easy (let’s hope) because I now have experience (thanks to Maria), and given that the wedding will be in Montezuma, Costa Rica, it couldn’t be more special.

7) Talk to my grandpa more often. We have unlimited call time to India, I really have no excuse.

8) Actually make some money from my freelance writing. My dad would love that.

9) Help my mom with cooking. This one will be hard, but I shall try.

10) Get published in the New York Times (ok, that’s HUGE, but I have to manifest, right?)

So, what are some of your goals? I’d love to hear them.