• In NY Resident, A Glance at Global Travel looks at the joint venture between American Airlines, Iberia and British Airways. As someone who enjoys traveling everywhere, researching and writing about an exciting travel opportunity was more than I could ask for. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it.


  • I recently had the honor of doing a profile on one of my favorite authors, Ian Frazier for NY Resident. His ninth book, “Travels in Siberia” chronicles the five trips he took to this beautiful dramatic country over the span of seventeen years. I hope you enjoy the profile and pick up your very own copy of the book.


  • Murder to Mil-Spec is an anthology of short-stories published to benefit Homes for Troops. The stories were quite memorable and I am glad that I had a chance to write about a book doing so much good.


  • My very first print article titled,  Spiritual Retreats a Stone’s Throw Away appears in NY Resident magazine. I’ve really enjoyed writing this piece, especially because retreats like these hold a special place in my heart. Back in my hectic college days, I used to escape to Ananda Ashram, in upstate NY whenever I needed a break. On one of those trips, I had the good fortune of meeting a beautiful person (whom I still consider my soul sister), and the chance meeting led me to beautiful California where I really was able to learn and grow into the person I am today. So, this is dedicated to my dear friend and all those seeking spiritual guidance in this rather chaotic world.


  • You all know by now how much I love traveling and reading. For Novel Adventurers, a blog where four writers talk about their passion for culture, travel, and storytelling , I shared a story close to my heart.

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